"I believe that  drama has improved my child's confidence in a number of areas. However, I don’t think that this is general to any drama group as my child attended another well established drama group for over a year and I didn't see any great difference in her. Little Stars seems to have connected with my child in a way that other clubs have not."

"What a fantastic show last night.  The opportunity you gave the kids to perform on that stage has given them memories to keep for the rest of their lives.  You keep raising the bar.  We're already looking forward to the Christmas show."

"I think that the way children are taught at Little Stars makes them believe they can do anything." 

These classes are a shining example of drama at it’s best and I firmly believe that many of the children will go on to realise their dreams as a result. Over the top ? I don’t care, I firmly believe it. 

"I never would have thought back in January when Molly joined you that she would have the confidence to stand on the Manchester Opera house stage and sing on her own less than a year later.  She was still on a high this morning.  Thanks to all of you for helping her to believe in herself!"

Lauren is a fabulous role model from her positive attitude, business success, hard work, honesty, caring and affectionate behaviours, ability to drive out the best in the children. I think that the Little Stars drama school is a different environment to most drama groups. They make ordinary kids believe they can do anything.