Little Stars are happy to offer a chaperoning service for those traveling to auditions and castings. 

Lauren and Charlotte are both registered Matron's with Warrington Borough Council.  Both are CRB checked, social services checked and have had personal references provided and been issued with a matroning license valid for 2 years.  This means we are legally allowed to care for children whilst they are attending auditions or filming or doing a performance of any kind.

What we charge:

As there has been such a demand for us to matron recently we have recently felt the need to formalise what we charge for matroning so there is consistency between parents and everyone is treated fairly.

If traveling by car....

Travel expenses will be charged at 50p a mile at a minimum charge of £20 for any trip required. 

Car parking will also need to be reimbursed where applicable.

If the trip is over 2 hours £10 an hour will be charged for the matrons time on top of the travel expenses.  If the trip is less than 2 hours, travel expenses are sufficient.

If traveling by train......

Train tickets should be provided for the child and matron by the parent.  Again, if the trip is over 2 hours, £10 an hour should be paid for the matron's time.    Tube tickets will also need to be reimbursed along with any costs for food or drink.  

We are flexible and aren't trying to be money grabbing - just trying to ensure that our expenses are covered as both of us are spending a large amount of time assisting parents with casting at the moment and there's inconsistency between people paying us and people not!  Thank you for your understanding.  

We also promise that when your children are with us they will be looked after to the very best of our ability - being trusted with your children is a privilege and not a responsibility we take lightly.