23/9/18 - Lauren Kelly Casting is officially launched!

After several years of working closely with casting agents in Manchester and around the country and providing talent for briefs, I decided I would rather give it a go myself rather than just letting someone else appreciate the success of my students! 

We launched in the summer holidays and we currently have a small select group of 12 on the books. 

We seem to have hit the ground running!  We have had lots of castings, several recalls, 3 children currently on pencils for major jobs and a couple of filming projects have already taken place! 

You can read more about our agency at www.littlestarstalent.co.uk 

Siena is on the big screen!!

Some of you may have seen the trailer for new film '71 which was released on Saturday at Odeon and Vue cinemas nationally.  

Siena has a small speaking role in the film which she filmed last year.  This is her second feature film after the release of "Keeping Rosie" earlier this year.   Siena can also be seen in the current CITV advert along with a voice over from our other student Ewan.  We are very proud of her and of Ewan who was doing even more voice over work last week!!

We've also had some other exciting casting news which we can tell you about as soon as we get the go ahead from production!!

Well done to Mili who was off to audition for Matilda the musical in the west end over the weekend.  

I love the diversity of our children's castings at the moment!!

Hope and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Warrington Guardian Inspiration Awards last night.  Hope came first in the charity champion category after raising £4000 for Rainbow Child foundation!  I came runner up in the teacher of the year award which was an amazing honor!  Thank you to everyone who nominated myself and Hope we had an amazing evening!  

Hope won an inspiration award last night for being Warrington's Charity champion! 

 She's in the final of face of the globe and has raised over £4,000 for rainbow child foundation!

  She needs as many people as possible to like this photo.... the more likes she has the more points she gets! please take 2 seconds to click on the link and like the picture!  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=452662618186597&set=a.452662598186599.1073741865.315879388531588&type=1&theater

Great article about Ruby with a great mention of Little Stars! http://www.ilovemediacityuk.com/a-real-gem-in-ruby/ 

01/10/13 - Little Stars take over the Manchester Opera House

WOW what a fantastic night we had!! My phone has not stopped ringing with people telling me how amazing Little Stars were last night.  Scream management came to watch and were extremely impressed.  Everyone who did a solo sang beautifully and all involved were a credit to the school. 

Suessical was a fantastic show and it was great to see Little Stars in it performing and strutting their stuff - Holly was amazing as Jojo - the whole thing was fantastic.

Massive well done also to Ella, Bella and Siena who have been pencilled for an advert filming in mid October.  Great night all round!  


Ruby will be appearing on our TV screens from 4th October as Peri in Hollyoaks.  Ruby will be a regular on the show appearing as part of the new Lomax family.

We're so pleased that Ruby has been given this opportunity and we are extremely proud of her achievements and her attitude to the whole thing.  All of our students have been delighted for Ruby and very supportive of her and are also looking forward to watching her on their televisions! 

Ruby is still doing her usual classes at Little Stars and is working towards her exams this term with her class group.

This week has been extra fabulous as Lauren has been nominated and shortlisted to the final 2 for an inspiration award for teacher of the year!  We find out on 3rd October if she has won... the day before Ruby's air date! What an exciting 48 hours! x

Cbbc Rocket Island - 

Scream Management are working on this project and are on the look out for some more children to help them with extra work.  The filming is taking place in Mold from this week through till October.    They are interested in hearing from children age 9-15.  

If you would like to be considered first and foremost you NEED to have a medical note from your doctor saying you are fit and well to take part in a filmed performance.   Once you have this you can email the medical note to kids@screammanagement.com with the subject "CBBC Rocket Island".  Explain you are from little stars and would like to take part in extra work and state if you're on holiday between now and October.  Make sure you include a current contact number and contact details and dates of birth would be useful as they will need to be licensed. 

6/8/13 - Well done to Ellis who has been to Leeds today to auditon for an Aldi commercial! Fingers crossed! x 

2/08/13 - Everything is still busy at Little Stars!! After fantastic performances of Beauty and the Beast we are super excited to be invited to perform at the Opera House in Manchester on 30th September!  Some of our youngest pupils have been auditioning for new Steven King horror feature films,  other students have been at commercial auditions as well as CBBC workshops and we had some AMAZING casting news but it has to stay super top secret for about another 4 weeks but we can't wait to share it with you!!   

17/06/13 - Well what a busy few weeks we've had!  Massive well done to Maddox who has been off to London and filmed a commercial  - we can't wait to see it!  Also massive well done to Emma who has been at coronation street auditioning for a new role.  Well done to Ewan who has been cast in a Nickelodeon indent.  Well done to Megan and Ruby who both auditioned for Hollyoaks and were both recalled! Will keep our fingers firmly crossed for you girls!  Good luck to Meghan who is off to Sylvia Young for Charlie and the chocolate factory auditions.  Well done to everyone who has also been invited to audition for Darkmoor the movie after the initial video applications. x

Well done to Emma, Claira, Ryan, Luella, Faith, Grace and Joe who filmed a marketing video today for Symbiotic Marketing.  They did extremely well and I was very proud of them all!! Well done team!  

15/05/13 - Claira is just super excited to be confirmed as a lead child in the Furniture Village Television and web advert!

She's off to London for filming next week! Good Luck Claira!

Well done also to lots of our senior girls who have been submitting video tapes for a feature film audition and compared to a lot of them on youtube - think they're an extremely high standard!!

Also, massive well done to "Solved" who are performing at the England Vs Exiles match on Sky sports on 14th June! 


Good Luck to Little Miss Claira who is off to London tomorrow for a Startrite modeling audition.   Well done to our lovely little Siena who has just finished filming feature film 1971' although it was very cold and there was lots of waiting around.... she assures me she had a good time! Well done girls! x

The TeenStar Team Solved need as many views as possible on the video of them competing at the Regional final.  If you've got a spare 2 mins.... have a gander! x 

22/04/13 - Well what a weekend we had at Britain Does Variety!

Firstly - I have to say how proud I was when I sat in the sound check surrounded by all the other acts and my 52 Little Stars!   Every single act that came on stage was applauded and cheered by Little Stars, when they asked people to clap - my kids clapped.  when it was a slow song - my kids waved.  When someone walked off stage - my kids ran up to them and said "you were really good". 

We also had a huge age range there on Saturday and all of the seniors were a massive help in supporting all the Little ones and making them feel happy and comfortable. 

Variety competitions are always a difficult one as you never have any idea how the cookie is going to crumble! I was very proud of the performances that each and every one of you gave on Saturday and all of you were definitely up there in the top scores - nobody was rubbish!  

Massive well done to Musical Mayhem who did Hard Knock Life and were selected to go through to the grand final in London.  It was particularly delightful to see some of our youngest pupils taking centre stage and being so happy and confident performing!  We'll all have our fingers crossed for you in June x

14/04/13 - Well done to Megan Bradley and Millie Short who have been at commercial castings this week.  

Well done to Meghan Clifford who filmed a short film last weekend and had a ball.

Massive well done to the solved girls who have got through to the Area finals of Teen Star and will be competing in Huddersfield on 26th May. 

Well done to Siena who has been cast in yet another feature film!! Little Star on a roll!!

Massive well done to "Solved" who got through to the Area Finals of Teen Star today! They did so well with such tough competition!  

Well done to Elle who was invited down to London to audition for A BBC period drama.  Elle really enjoyed the experience and got some helpful feedback from the casting director and was told she looks great on camera!  We look forward to hearing of Elle attending more auditions and keep our fingers crossed for her! 

A few weeks ago we had photographer Rachel Pearson come up and photograph some of our students.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it and more experience was gained for modeling portfolios. 

Well done to the "solved" girls who are just shy of 700 likes on their facebook page and 10,000 views on youtube.  Massive thanks to all the parents and pupils at Little Stars that have got behind them and supported them - they do really appreciate it as do their mum's and dad's!  They have the regional final of TeenStar this weekend and they are both nervous and excited and have been working really hard at rehearsals.  Even if they don't get through next weekend they have a lot of exciting projects coming up and they have really learnt a lot about what it takes to be successful in this business!


Massive well done to Ewan Phillips who has been all over our TV screens this Easter in the Cooperative Food advert.  

You can watch him in the advert on the Cooperative website:


We have to say a massive well done to Siena Sprio who has been in London for the last 2 weeks filming for major feature film "Keeping Rosy".  Siena says the closing line of the whole film and sounds like she's been an absolute trouper on set.  

We cannot wait to see Siena on our cinema screens!